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It's the day after (insert name of break here). Do something nice for yourself.

Today is the first day back to work after Labor Day Weekend. Not just the end of a vacation, but the end of the Summer. Back to School for those of us with kids and those of us who have been kids and will always be conditioned to see the beginning of September this way, BACK TO LIFE, BACK TO REALITY.

That shit can hit hard! No matter how much you love what you do.

So here's my advice to you - do something nice for yourself today.

Resist the urge to dive back into 110% mode. Let some things go for tomorrow.

SO often on days like today we tell ourselves we're just going to push through. We're going to get through it somehow and find our way to the safety of the couch and an early bed time.

Today, don't just 'get through it.' Do something deliberately joyful for yourself during your work day. It could be something that takes less than 5 minutes - it's more about the act of taking time for yourself.

Choose something that really brings joy! Not just something that is a distraction from work... like a personal to-do. Fuck that. JOY! ONLY!

I took Lou to the dog park this morning and watched her run around with the other dogs under 25 lbs including two other frenchies. I made some calls to friends to help me feel connected again with my supports. AND I didn't die from doing this all at 10:00am this morning instead of working. I feel just as productive as I would have otherwise.

So. What are you doing to bring yourself joy today?


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