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Yesterday sunk but I chose to float

Yesterday was A DAY. It felt like almost nothing could go right (because basically nothing did). The pinnacle was being on a train to Baltimore, having already left an hour after we were scheduled to, and receiving an email that the dinner I was traveling to Baltimore for had to be cancelled. So, no more reason to be in Baltimore.

At this point, after a long day of discouragement, I could have sunk. And normally, I would have. I would have looked for reasons to doubt myself and my path and the world. I would have certainly shed some tears.

But this time, I chose differently. I chose to believe that this redirect was happening for a reason, and even though I couldn't see why yet, I would... Eventually.

So I decided to make lemonade. I took the train all the way to DC (shout out to the Amtrak conductor who let me stay on). I had a soul-nourishing meal with Jess, one of my very best friends who I don't see nearly enough. And then today, I woke up seeing things SO clearly: the lessons I was meant to hear, the direction I want to go in, the next evolution for TheOther50. And I'm bursting with joy.

We had to go through yesterday, and all of the months leading up to yesterday, to really SEE what we needed to see. It's amazingly clear now. But it was so mucky before.

So, next time I am tempted to sink into the pit of despair I'll remember to float instead. To do something nice for myself and wait for the next move to come.

And you?


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