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Could two hours of your month change the game for your business? We know it can.

These are just a few of the expectations placed on leaders today: smarts, emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience, boldness, and a tightly-run team. In other words, a mix that often feels superhuman. But the truth is: we are human in all of our imperfection. And in today's world of pressure and expectations, there is only so much we can control on our own. The good news is: we don't have to do it alone.

One of the most powerful things we can do in life is to enlist help. Which is where coaching comes in.

WHY Coaching

What if you could have someone in your corner reminding you of who you really are? Someone who is thinking about you behind the scenes, making suggestions and strategizing through your biggest challenges?  With coaching, you can.


As coaches, we bring the clarity, precision, and action needed to move forward, whether clients are working through a business problem or acquiring a new skill to apply in the workplace. We help our teams define, meet, and exceed their goals. We teach individuals how to take accountability over themselves and their teams. We help solve "unsolvable" problems and see solutions where they may not be readily apparent. We teach teams to communicate with candor and caring. And we bring the levity needed to have fun while we're doing it. 

Our clients work hard, but the work pays off. We see major shifts in how they show up at work, in how their teams perform, and in how much they contribute to their organization as a whole.


We create bespoke coaching programs that drive measurable growth for leaders, teams, and organizations.




Build more engaged and proactive teams, and help ensure your department goals are met. 

We work with you to determine # of sessions per month, who participates, and how we measure success.

This might look like... 

  • one day of office hours 1x per month, first come first serve

EXECUTIVE coaching

Become the leader you've always wanted to be, and unlock the keys to a successful company.

We'll put together a private coaching plan based on your needs, including # of sessions monthly, support between sessions, and how we measure success.

This might look like... 

  • two sessions per month for three months with support in between


Dig into your biggest problems as a a team. 

We'll work with you to develop content that is most relevant based on your biggest business challenges.

This might look like... 

  • two hours with your newest managers on how to coach their own teams

meet your coaches

We've spent over 10,000 studying and training

so you don't have to.

We combine deep corporate backgrounds, in the trenches experience and years of coaching to ensure our clients succeed.
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Bryce Kennedy

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Feng Shui master, meditation instructor, coach, and one of 50 IST practitioners in the country.

Former bad-ass lawyer with credentials to match.

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Katie Tyson

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Certified coach with 100+ clients in her roster.

Co-founder of a Seed Stage company. Marketing exec with experience in start-ups, profitable businesses and agencies.

Our clients

We work with leaders who view personal development as a key component for business success. 

Who want to be written about for changing the status quo in the workplace.

We work with companies we believe in: who are disrupting industries, living shared values, and helping to make the world a better place.

A sample of past and present clients:

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Testimonials& Press


As featured in:

"Working with Katie is a dream. She made it possible for me to take a leap that I would not have taken without her. She's an exceptional coach with a thoughtful, calm and friendly approach. Katie has the unique super power of asking exactly the right questions, and sharing stories and guidance that offer a new perspective without telling her clients what to do. I'd recommend her to anyone."

- Jodie H.

Working with Katie has helped me grow as a person and a professional. Through facilitating my own introspection, she guided me over some hurdles and helped me to gain more confidence. We developed strategies to use during situations that I wanted to improve. This process helped me to see the human side of being a professional and how you can leverage your own strengths. Overall I felt that this process boosted my personal development and I would recommend working with the Other 50!

-Kelly L.

“I can’t thank Bryce enough for introducing me to the art and practice of energy healing. After years of experimenting with different methods of meditation, therapy, and even religion, I have finally found a practice which has given me internal peace. Working with Bryce I have gained a once lost inner strength while finding a deeper meaning and love for life again. Thank you Bryce."

- Nicholas B.

“Everyone needs a coach. No matter what you’re doing in life, a coach will help you grow, stay on track, and see things you wouldn’t otherwise observe"

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google