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Lead with grace, authenticity and growth through any challenge



'emergency' support


Tactical guidance and unparalleled support for the new generation of leaders

You face a lot of challenges in your business, especially in today's environment. Balancing changing priorities, fears of a recession, navigating new ways of working (that are ever evolving) and new expectations from your teams.... shit is hard right now. And you are not alone.

You're looking for someone you can turn to for support- someone who sees you and hears you, who understands what you're going through and has been there too. Someone who can help you both feel better and thoughtfully move forward. Someone who will guide you to grow through every challenge in your quest to be the best leader, and human, you can be.

You've come to the right place.

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that's why we started  theOther50.

Katie: Four years ago, I co-founded Hive Brands. As a founder and our Chief Commercial Officer building a business with a $50mm valuation and over 150,000 customers (and during Covid), I've been through my share of challenges and wins. Candidly - getting support through coaching has been the most important thing I've done for myself. I know I'm not alone. I believe the most important thing I can do as a leader is my own work. And it's working. I'm ready to pay it forward -- and share all that I've learned as a trained coach and as a business leader.


Three ways to work with us



Work directly with Katie or Bryce. We'll work with you to lay out your goals, conduct 360 interviews with the stakeholders of your choosing, and then develop a path forward for our sessions together.

You'll have one session every 1-2 weeks for the duration of our commitment together, plus access to emergency support.



Connect with Katie & Bryce, and a group of your peers, on a monthly basis. 

emergency support

Only for clients - get an extra session when you need it, on-demand. 
When something comes up, we're here for you.

we've got you because we get you

We've spent over 10,000 studying and training

so you don't have to.

We combine in-the-trenches executive experience and years of coaching to ensure our Leaders succeed.
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Bryce Kennedy

BRYCE IS A SPACE LAWYER biz genius and the most brilliant, intuitive coach I know.

- Katie 

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Katie Tyson

Katie is a bad bitch boss leader and a super empath insightful coach. 

- Bryce

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Our clients

We are lucky enough to work with business leaders who are exceptional at what they do, curious, big-hearted, and all around bad ass.

People (and companies) we've coached for come from:

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Testimonials& Press


As featured in:

"Working with Katie is a dream. She made it possible for me to take a leap that I would not have taken without her. She's an exceptional coach with a thoughtful, calm and friendly approach. Katie has the unique super power of asking exactly the right questions, and sharing stories and guidance that offer a new perspective without telling her clients what to do. I'd recommend her to anyone."

- Jodie H.

Working with Katie has helped me grow as a person and a professional. Through facilitating my own introspection, she guided me over some hurdles and helped me to gain more confidence. We developed strategies to use during situations that I wanted to improve. This process helped me to see the human side of being a professional and how you can leverage your own strengths. Overall I felt that this process boosted my personal development and I would recommend working with the Other 50!

-Kelly L.

“I can’t thank Bryce enough for introducing me to the art and practice of energy healing. After years of experimenting with different methods of meditation, therapy, and even religion, I have finally found a practice which has given me internal peace. Working with Bryce I have gained a once lost inner strength while finding a deeper meaning and love for life again. Thank you Bryce."

- Nicholas B.

“Everyone needs a coach. No matter what you’re doing in life, a coach will help you grow, stay on track, and see things you wouldn’t otherwise observe"

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google

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